The Hudson Chamber Music Series, is collaborating with Hudson Village Theatre to bring Tom Allen's "Missing Pages" to Hudson. Produced in 2020, the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven, Tom Allen has prepared a "chamber musical" of the meeting between Theodor Molt and Beethoven.

On December 16, 1825 Theodor Molt became the sole Canadian to meet Ludwig van Beethoven, but what could have happened between the two men? After Molt’s florid greeting in one of Beethoven’s notebooks, the following four pages were violently ripped out and destroyed. Betrayal? Competition? Scandal? Or just old fashioned ego and pride? With music, song, drama, history and informed speculation, "The Missing Pages" investigates.

Written by Tom Allen and directed by Richard Greenblatt, the presentation will be presented on February 26, 2023 at Hudson Village Theatre. Tom Allen is a passionate music lover, storyteller, accomplished trombonist, writer and broadcaster and brings a wealth of knowledge to CBC Music. In his 4th decade with CBC, he is thrilled about his show, "About Time", daily on CBC Radio 2, 12-3 pm.

Tickets and information: Hudson Village Theatre

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